Living like a local

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Living like a local

Odd title but I truly feel that is how it is. As Karin has to work a normal working week the day starts quite early. We feed the dogs, shower, quick breakfast and off we go. Karin has very generously let me have the use of her car, so the routine is, I take her to work the donkeys are moved to their spot for the day, we have coffee and then I go to my work. My work!! To just go and paint… That is all I have to think of.

I feel inspired, and so so lucky. Hotel Bij Blauw have given me this amazing space. It’s right on the water front and as I paint the waves crash against the near by rocks feet away from me. I’m painting seascapes, but now I am amongst the waves as they spray me and my canvas. The wind constantly blows and everything is anchored down. I and all around me is covered in paint as the wind grabs the paint and it takes on a life of its own adding a splash or a mark that I decide to live with. I think the whole experience is what the art world would call action painting at its best. There is a sheltered corner behind cover where my paintings are stored and now mounting in readiness for the 3rd May Sunday 4.30. I can’t actually believe this is real. I have been here three weeks and now producing work to be exhibited! The hotel owners Titia and Ruud have offered me an exhibition in their very glamorous but relaxed outdoor bar and restaurant. The invites are out and people are coming! Imagine.

Before I know it is 4pm and time to collect Karin. The donkeys are fed and watered and put back in their stables for the night. The shop is locked and we make are way home. Usually stopping off for a cold beer or two on one of the beaches and even maybe going for a swim. Supper could be bought at the supermarket on route or…. We may eat out.. And as I have said Karin knows everyone so sometimes can get a bit lively! Or we may come home and even just watch TV, one such night Karin translated a whole Dutch program to English for me as we watched. She was exhausted – made me cry and everything!

Sunday and Monday are our days off and have been equally as busy. But this time has been spent touring the island. In a previous life Karin was a tour guide so she is an expert. The island is very beautiful, with a contrasting coast line of rugged hostile volcanic rock to sandy beaches and blue blue water. There is a huge history of the slave trade here with grand Land Houses that many have been left to decay. It feels very strange standing amongst these old houses, to think that the slaves had been brought from Ghana and the Gold Coast. I spent my early childhood in Ghana and the thought that I must of gone to school and played with Ghanaian’s who’s ancestors were brought here and here I am walking in their foot steps! Our life takes us on mysterious journeys, but the truth will out.

This Monday was Kings Day. This is a huge national Dutch holiday which is celebrated through out the Kingdom. Basically this is like wandering a round a maze of street party’s with music,dancing, eating and drinking and as I have said Karin know everyone so this was a very full and fun day….oh and everyone wears orange…..



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