imageFirst impressions

Curaçao is a one of the Dutch Caribbean A B C islands, and on a clear day you can almost see Venezuela. It’s tropical and to me quite lush, although the locals think it is to dry. The coast’s lines I have seen so far are rocky with small inlets of sandy beaches. The water is not so warm yet but I have braved it for a quick swim. There is a constant breeze so it never feel to hot, but it is very hot and I am constantly reminded to use sunscreen. The main town looks like Amsterdam with its coloured buildings along the water, then you turn a corner and its is how I imagine Cuba would look. There is a an eclectic mix of culture from Portuguese /Spanish, Dutch, American and the local Caribbean. Everyone is very friendly and lucky for me most speak some English.

My very kind and generous host Karin lives it a beautiful spot on the side of a hill over looking the the sea. Her house is a lovely open plan old style cottage done in a shabby chic chic cozy way, with inherited antiques mixed with modern art. There is a large deck to watch the comings and goings along the water. Always something to watch as most of the house’s along the water have pontoons and boats – this is a spot you could easily waste time.

Karin is probably one of the busiest women I have met. She has a successful interior design company, she makes lamps and shades for both private and corporate clients covering most of the surrounding Caribbean islands. All this based from a lovely shop she shares with colleagues, selling indoor and outdoor furniture, tiles, lamps and artefacts. She is well know across the island and has time to chat to all she meets, she is happy with a quick wit and a cheeky sense of humour. The best is she is kind with a big heart. She has five dogs …yes five… all rescued, mainly from the roadside or brought to her for safe keeping. These are the best behaved dogs I have ever met. They worship her and hang on her every word. She also has two donkeys, also rescued from the brink of death and now living a very content life. The newest edition is a bird, injured and stunned at the side of the road as we were walking to a bar on my second night here. We picked up a box from one bar, water from the next and brought him home. The bird ate and drank from her hand and is recovering well, in a few days he will be fit to fly away, my bet is he will just stay with her like all the rest of the injured and lost souls! One of the dogs has been assigned to guard the bird, so she sits by gthe cage and warns the others away – you couldn’t make this up!

Karin has taken me to many spots and introduced me to her friends. One being Annemieke a very talented sculptor, ceramicist and painter. Annemieke is involved with many community projects and runs workshops with disengaged teenagers. We will have a lot to talk about I am sure. She then took me to her friends very nice boutique hotel who have genegrously offered me the use of their waterside terrace to hang out and paint!! Karin has very quickly orientated me sending me off to explore, but true to form I have spent much of those times lost! Best way to find your way round I say….

Oh and I have done a painting …. Which became a lamp shade ….Ta Da!Ta da!Jazz bar

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